29.05.2017 | FRANZ BRACHT, Crane hire, Heavy transport vehicles, Industrial assemblies

Sports boat in Krefeld harbour

Successful “launch” of a sports boat in the Krefeld harbour

There are undoubtedly better places to park a crane than the relatively steep embankment of a yacht harbour. However, that was no problem for the Demag AC 700 and the experienced Bracht team.

Everything a skipper needs

Rheinhafen Krefeld harbour not only has an ample turning basin and modern container terminal, but also has its own marina. Recreational skippers find everything they need here: suitable jetties as well as supply and disposal facilities. To make use of them, however, a boat first needs to enter the water in the harbour. And that’s exactly what this job was about.

The AC 700 - power and character of a mature technology

A home-made 25t sports boat was to be launched in the Krefeld marina. After receiving the order and checking the local conditions, we decided to use our Demag AC 700. After all, this crane offers the perfect blend of flexibility and performance. And that is exactly what was once again brilliantly confirmed in this case.