01.07.2015 | FRANZ BRACHT, Crane hire

Dorsten project

Construction of a shopping centre in Dorsten

Use of an AK 210 lattice boom crane with 250 t load capacity, 17.9 m main boom and 51.0 m luffing jib.
As the building site was only accessible from one side, and the load was therefore too heavy, the crane had to be placed in the middle of the building site. In this case, it stood in an underground car park, 10 m below street level and lifted loads of up to 20 t at a radius of 38 m.

Boom dismantling
Upon completion of the surrounding building sections, the vertical boom was removed using a 150 t and 300 t telescopic crane. This took place with a jib radius of 42 m. 

Removal of the crane from the building site
The crane was moved 16 m closer to the road, inside the underground car park. 
From the underground car park, the lattice boom crane (weight 90 t) was lifted up using a 300 t and 700 t telescopic crane with a jib radius of 26 m.

Completion of the rest of the building
Finally, the crane was reconstructed on the road at a jig radius of 20 m to 46 m for the completion of the remaining building sections (17.9 m main boom + 44 m luffing jib).