Crane Hire

Franz Bracht Kran-Vermietung specialises in heavy unit loads and large dimensions. Wherever heavy components need to be moved with safety and precision, builders and engineers rely on Franz Bracht and their many years of experience.
Super stron in every performance category
Going wherever we are needed. Lending a hand wherever there are heavy loads. Secure lifting and precise movement, even if the components are bulky and there are exceptional challenges. This is how our high-performance cranes and crane drivers will handle your job. Powerful. Reliable. Top class.

The service spectrum of Franz Bracht Kranvermietung is absolutely superb. Through the use of innovative crane technology, the target-oriented expansion of our vehicle and equipment fleet and its constant care and maintenance, we’re capable of practically any task and exorbitant challenge. For the execution of all kinds of lifting and transportation services, there are currently around 240 mobile cranes available to us within the 7 t to 1600 t performance classes.

Industrial cranes from
7 t - 40 t
Rough terrain cranes from
30 t - 60 t
Telescopic mobile cranes from
25 t - 750 t
Lattice boom truck cranes from
150 t - 750 t
Lattice boom crawler cranes from
150 t - 1600 t
Quick on the road, strong and manoeuvrable in every terrain and operable in confined spaces. Typical features of telescopic mobile cranes. Above all, they must be latest generation machines. And that’s what we have. With innovative technology and dynamically increased mobility and efficiency.
Telescopic Mobile Cranes from Franz Bracht
- The real ‘power vehicles’
Precise planning beforehand and smooth logistics procedures are totally indispensable when operating lattice boom truck cranes. Everyone knows that. Our experienced specialists have this capability.
And Franz Bracht’s customers value this because there are hardly any decent alternatives to our lattice boom truck cranes when it comes to lifting heavy loads.
Crawler cranes can be driven under load. This is a unique strength, and it comes into play especially whenever work needs to be carried out within confined spaces or an assembly at the crane’s location is impossible.
A perfect example of this is the installation of wind turbines, since here it is extremely advantageous if the crane can be implemented fully assembled.
You would have to invent them if they didn’t already exist: mobile construction cranes.
That’s why these all-rounder machines are part of the permanent stock at our company. The particular benefits to you are based on a successful combination of high manoeuvrability – thanks to the variable steering concept and active rear-axle steering – with the typically versatile functionality of a revolving tower crane: 
  • Single-person design
  • High operating speed
  • Best possible view of the working area
  • Relatively high lifting capacity in wide load-out areas