Powerful, secure and resolute 

For half a century now, our tradition has been based upon elements that inspire builders and engineers in building construction and civil engineering, big industry and petrochemicals: the expertise, precision and reliability with which we approach our business. Everything is just right. From the expertise to the final inspection. No matter how heavy the load, how big the dimensions or how high and challenging the object is. We can handle it!  

With around 670 experts, more than 1,160 special purpose vehicles and a vigour that is so typical of Franz Bracht.

It’s good to know that you can rely on this.  

Top performance and responsibility

We operate a strict integrated management system in accordance with the national and international standards of DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and the Safety Certificate for Contractors (SCC).

Top performance and uncompromising safety in all areas are therefore just as natural to us as showing respect for people both inside and outside our business operations.

Ability and character

The basic principles at our company include the self-responsibility of every employee for their department, the observance of clearly defined rules and having a responsible approach towards the environment and resources.

Desire, drive and total commitment

We demonstrate every day that our customers in the wind energy sector, construction industry, steel and concrete construction, cement industry, chemical industry and other sectors can depend on the specially nurtured skills and dedication of our heavy load specialists in every situation. Sophisticated quality, environmental and work safety measures also ensure that ideal consideration is given to the interests of customers and employees, as well as the environment. 

Experience and meticulous care

Our partners in environmental engineering, industry and the construction industry benefit daily from the professionalism and experience of our great team. From a top-quality machine park. From thorough planning and exemplary execution. Especially whenever, as already experienced, a major project requires the simultaneously coordinated use of more than 60 mobile cranes.

Dizzying heights are our territory

Don’t worry: lifting up into the air is not our thing. On the contrary. We keep our feet firmly on the ground. And that is precisely our recipe for success, whenever we achieve high goals and transport loads of various shapes, weights and dimensions to their designated place. Always with safety and precision, and exactly according to plan. That’s the whole aim after all, is it not?

Pioneer in the crane sector 

40 years Franz Bracht