HEAVY transport Vehicles 

The traffic situation on roads and motorways requires good driving ability and focussed attention. This applies for all traffic participants and especially for heavy transport vehicles that require authorisation. And this is just the start of quite a long chain of problems.

Strong and secure on the road 

Whenever heavy loads need to be taken on the road and transported safely to a particular destination, this is not normally carried out using top calibre specialist vehicles and experienced drivers. Among the various factors to be considered are, among other things, the obtaining of special permits, the agreement of the intended travel route and the selection of the most suitable technology.

In order that our customers get to grips ideally with all of this, we provide not merely a pure crane and transport service, but, if required, we will also handle the central coordination of all service providers involved in the operation. To this end, we cooperate with reliable partner firms, with whom we have become familiar through years of cooperation.

The end effect for our customers is: minimal downtimes, punctual delivery, faster project implementation and reduced costs. In a nutshell: it pays to use a one-stop shop!