30.10.2017 | FRANZ BRACHT, Crane hire, Heavy transport vehicles, Industrial assemblies

Bremen steel plant

Total commitment at the steelmakers from the Weser

In the north of Bremen, right on the lower course of the Weser, steel has been produced for a wide variety of uses since 1957. Today the company is part of the world’s largest steel group ArcelorMittal, and is one of the region’s most significant employers. As a modern, integrated steel mill, ArcelorMittal Bremen GmbH combines all processing stages on its premises, from producing pig iron to processing sheet metal. This makes for short paths that guarantee an optimal production process.

Clear announcement: Implementation report in exactly 48 hours

Although interruption of routine operational procedures is always extremely disruptive, it is sometimes unavoidable. As it was in this case. Two new girders, weighing 130 tonnes and 70 tonnes respectively, had to be installed in one of the production workshops. Three questions had to be conclusively answered before this job was carried out:
  1. How do we bring the bulky 130t girder into the workshop?
  2. How do we position the 70t girder in the workshop?
  3. What type of cranes are best suited to solve the task in the given timeframe?
Four cranes and a sophisticated concept

Although even our experienced team of experts needed some time and a number of ultimately discarded deliberations, they eventually came up with a final concept. The following was then carried out.

Installing the 130t girder over the roof

A Hofmann LTM 1750 mobile crane was positioned outside, and a Bracht AC 700 all-terrain crane was positioned inside the workshop. The LTM 1750 lifted the girder over the opened roof and lowered it into the workshop, where it was taken over by the AC 700 and positioned.

Positioning the 70t girder

As the spatial situation was extremely tight in this case, the particularly compact and exceptionally agile LTM 1400 mobile crane and the LTM 1300 mobile crane were deployed inside the workshop.  Workshop cranes lifted both cranes onto a 10 m high gallery from where they were then able to position the girders.

Summary: Our employees are proud that, thanks to experience, dedication and the right technology, they once again managed to solve a rather difficult task within the given timeframe.